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Welcome to Bulimba Service Centre

At Bulimba Service Centre we have one very simple and time proven work ethic which is..Quality service by an accredited technician for the correct price. Easy!

We get to hear the horror stories from around the place and have fashioned our business on making sure that you our customer are always satisfied and can trust your car has been serviced or repaired professionally and cost effectively.

Our Services

As we are A GRADE CERTIFIED by Qld Transport we are a step above the others when it comes to genuine automotive mechanical knowedge and 28 years in the business helps too, so you can be assured we know our stuff..What does this mean to you?. It means we wont stuff it up or sell you parts you didn't need!!


Car servicing

New car service under warranty YES. Older car service with our full warranty applied YES. All services incl Brakes, Steering, Fuel Injection,  Air Conditioning, Auto Electrical, Safety Certs, Tyres, Wind screens, Batteries Etc, YES.

Over selling  NO. Ripping off the ladies  NO. Failing to repair the fault  NO. Presenting B.S. bills  NO.

We've seen the lot over the years and know what you guys want..As our Logo says, We keep it Real!

Repairs and Maintenance

Modern cars need a modern approach and modern equipment during servicing, true. There is also a lot to be offered from the good  "OL' SCHOOL" knowledge and technique. We combine both elements to give a complete service and keep your vehicle safe and efficient. Total service, continually!

Our hours are

Mon-thurs 8am-5pm

Fri-              8am-3pm

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Please feel free to contact Kev or Ryan for further advise or bookings.

Bulimba Service Centre.

41 Michael St Bulimba. Midway down Michael St. 

Ph. 33955905


M. 0438 776 166.